Know the facts when it comes to signing for a club


Deciding on which club you and your daughter will join can be a big decision. Add to that the confusion about when to sign, how to sign and the region rules and regulations about signing and it can be quite stressful.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Your daughter can try out for as many clubs as you want her to. You are under no obligation to sign for or play for that club just by coming to tryouts.

  • You DO NOT have to give a verbal commitment or sign a contract before leaving the gym that day. Some clubs will take the high pressure approach by telling you if you leave without committing they can't guarantee you a spot. They may discourage you from trying out for other clubs. They may prey upon your hesitation and insist you must commit before you leave.

  • Bottom line: You do not have to commit until the deadline set by the region. Choose the club that feels right for you and your daughter. After all, you'll be spending the time and the money for what you choose.

  • It is against the rules and regulations set by the Puget Sound Region to sign or verbally commit before the deadline, unless you are an incumbent with that club. If any club tries to make you commit before then, please report them to the region by emailing